Pronouns: she/her
Experience: 7 years
Style:Anime, heavy black work, neo tribal, dark trash, neo traditional, Japanese traditional, biomech. Tattooing/piercing: Tattoo
Likes: Coffee, anime, comic books


My name is Lucia. I'm a South korean, transwoman and I'm currently living in New Jersey. Living in this area definitely had influenced my taste and my style. I take from all sorts of places. I always loved tattoos, as they were a great form of expression. I quickly found all of the art mediums I liked had intersectionality with other forms, and it only furthered my passion for the arts. To me, the music influences the style, my fashion choice, my tattoos, my painting, drawing. It's all encompassing. I think my mind naturally thinks like it's on LSD, piecing things together that normally wouldn't be thought to put together is my favorite thing to express. I love warping the ideas of what's, "normal" into a new form. To me, the art is just an expression of my spirituality and my connection to my own divine nature. It's the most direct line I have to what I call creator. I love being an artist, and I don't know any thing else to be honest. My heart and intuition has brought me here, and now today, as a student of the craft of tattooing, I am here to stake my claim and leave my mark. Literally haha