Why Titanium?

Our jewelry is either high polish titanium or gold. Why titanium and not stainless steel? Titanium doesn't contain any nickel, which makes it safe for people with sensitive skin or a nickel allergy. It has a high strength-to-density ratio. In other words, titanium is considerably less dense than stainless steel and other metals, but just as strong (if not more so). Titanium is also lighter than most other metals, which offers less strain to the pierced site.  However, titanium is a rarer metal to be produced, and as a result it is generally more expensive.

Why Gold?

Gold, no matter what the karat, is not recommended for initial piercings because gold is an alloy, made up of not only pure karat
gold but base metals also. The fluids secreted by a healing piercing cause corrosion of the base metals in the gold. While it is generally safe to get pierced with gold, we recommend instead getting pierced with titanium and then switching to gold, if gold is your choice of style. All jewelry is individually priced; ranging from $10—$100+, prices listed are including basic titanium.


Piercing Days

Appointment Only

Monday - Sunday

19 E Main Street Little Falls NJ 07424
+1 973 837 8778

All prices are starting with a basic titanium jewelry
Lobe $50
Double Lobe $100
Miscellaneous Ear $60
Nostril $60
Septum $70
Eyebrow $70
Navel $70
Bridge $70
Lip $70
Industrial $80
Tongue $80
Webbing $80
Nipple $80
Genitals $120+
Double Nipple $150
Jewelry Change $10-20
Standalone Sterilization Fee $10
Steriwash with/without Piercing $10-15
H2Ocean $20

Prices for piercings as a whole are subject to change based on individual anatomy and supplies used.
Piercing consultations and deposits are encouraged for your appointment. Call: 973-837-8778

19 E Main Street, Little Falls NJ 07424
Friedrich ( Yelp Review )

The shop itself has a very laidback and family living room feel. There's artwork hanging all around by the different artists and the work benches are clean and comfortable.

Eric ( Yelp Review )

Everyone has a definition for 'artist' Vic Tamian is mine (other than myself of course). There's no words for her amazing work other than she's trustworthy, amazing, and perfect with her art. So far she's done 6 out of my 13 tattoos and you best believe I'm going to have her do more. Who knows? I might even let her do a mystery tattoo on me of her choosing. That's how trustworthy she is.

Jonathan ( Yelp Review )

I cannot express how beyond pleased and happy I am with my experience here. I just received my first tattoo here today; any other work I want will definitely be done here….Right as I walked in, i was warmly greeted and situated to discuss what I wanted to get done. She had it printed and ready to go in 30-40 minutes, it was pretty quickly and was perfect. As this was my first tattoo, Vic was considerate, friendly, professional, informative, and accommodating.

Tom ( Yelp Review )

The only shop I will trust. Hands down. Everyone is super friendly and super supportive of first timers. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxed and you honestly can't ask for a better price point. I honesty can't wait to go back. I drive over fifty miles to get to this shop, and they know how to make the tolls and GSP worthwhile.